Our Mission Statement

A special thanks goes out to Marc Johnson and Karen Windsor of Foster Parrots Ltd. Without their guidance, education, efforts and endless supply of information and support Ziggy's Haven would not be possible.

Thank you so much for all you do for the parrots and for those that love them!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Ziggy's Haven to provide a permanent sanctuary for abused and/or aggressive parrots and to provide temporary fostering to parrots seeking a new forever home.

To continue to expand our facility and to be actively involved in conservation efforts in order to help parrots on an international level. We will actively work with legislators to enact laws that protect the parrots in both breeding situations and as companion parrots.

The goals of Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc are as follows:

1) To provide a safe, secure and loving environment for abused,
neglected and/or unwanted parrots

2)To rescue parrots from abusive and/or neglectful situations

3) To provide a temporary home for tame and friendly parrots whose
guardians have had to place due to unforeseen circumstances until an
acceptable home is approved

4) To provide and promote education to current and potential parrot
owners on the proper care of parrots including but not limited to;
a) their backgrounds
b) their needs
c) conservation efforts
d) parrot population epidemic

5) To provide permanent sanctuary for un adoptable birds and for parrots
whose owners wish them to remain in sanctuary.

Further more:

Ziggy's Haven:

  • Does NOT buy, sell or breed parrots nor do we adopt birds out to those that do
  • Does NOT condone the captive breeding of parrots for any reason
  • Promotes responsible guardianship and education on all issues pertaining to captive pet birds and avian 
  • Promotes legislation designed to prohibit the inportation/exportation of parrots
  • Promotes legislation designed to enact restrictions and enforce licensing on parrot breeders and to ban 
    the sale of un weaned parrots