There are many ways you can help parrots in need. By donating money, we can continue to expand our facility as well as feed, provide toys and of course veterinary care. As much as monetary donations are needed, there are other ways you can help.

Volunteering is a huge way to help. We currently are in need of volunteers to aid in feeding, cleaning, interaction with the birds, fundraising ideas and campaigns and many other volunteer tasks.

Food Donations! The birds in our care receive a quality diet of Zupreem Pellets, Higgins No Sun Parrot Seed Mix, Higgins Supreme Sunburst, Lafeber's Nutriberries, Walnuts, Almonds and other nuts, and of course fresh fruits and veggies. We welcome the donations of any of these items in unopened bags and/or containers.

Construction Materials! Bags of concrete mix, windows, sliding glass or french doors, florescent lighting, approved aviary wire, steel carports and a variety of other construction materials.

Cages! Although many of our birds come in with a cage, many others do not. Several birds that do come with a cage, we feel the cage that was provided was too small for the breed of bird that was in it. We also sell cages in order to help raise money to continue to provide for the birds in our care. If you have any used cages in GOOD condition that you would like to donate, we would love to have them!

Toys! Ziggy's Haven spends an average of $400.00 per month on toys for our birds. Toys are needed for all size parrots from parakeets up to macaws. Sorry, but we only accept new unused toys. You can purchase and send toys from any toy retailer. We regularly use Fancy Feathers Bird Toys for most of our birds toys. You may purchase toys from Fancy Feathers and have the toys directly sent to us.

Perches! We can always use perches as it is a favorite for all species to chew on! We love the manzanita wood perches but also like to use the lightweight pumice perches. These perches are needed in all sizes.

Gift Cards! Most of our construction materials are purchased at either Lowe's or Home Depot. You are welcome to send a gift card from those stores to help pay for construction materials.

Sponsor A Parrot! Many of our sanctuary parrots are seeking a sponsor. This is an excellent way for you to "adopt" a parrot in need. And of course monetary donations are always needed! All monies donated and raised goes strictly for the birds in one way or another. Whether it be construction projects, feed and other much needed supplies.