Placing unweaned baby parrots into the hands of inexperienced hand-feeders can have many negative consequences. The mistakes that are commonly made often set up parrots for chronic physical and/or behavior problems that may increase the likelihood that they will be abused, neglected, or abandoned at some point in their lives, and land in a sanctuary like ours.


One of the biggest concerns with inexperienced hand-feeders is the risk of the bird aspirating the formula into the lungs causing serious injury or death.

The second concern is crop burn, this is causes by feeding the bird formula that is too hot. The injuries can form an opening to the outside of the bird's body, requiring surgery and/or leading to serious bacterial and fungal infections. Other problems include forced weaning and this can lead to malnutrition, starvation, and permanent behavioral problems.

Once the bird reaches sexual maturity, the bird no longer wants "Mom/Dad," but now wants a "mate." The bird then develops aggressive behavior towards the "parent". 4 out of 10 birds surrendered to us are birds that were purchased as babies, hand raised by inexperienced hand-feeders and developed aggression towards the owner after reaching sexual maturity.

PROPER WEANING IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BREEDER! Never buy an unweaned baby, and never support breeders or stores that sell them! Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc does not condone this unethical practice and we urge you to help us in our fight to prevent this and encourage our elected officials to enact legislation that bans the sales of unweaned baby parrots.