Smart dog breeds

Dogs are always best friends of human but we cannot say that they are always true friends some time they may be dangerous for us. If you have a dog then some day you will be disappointed from him when you does not give him time or locked it up at home alone what he do, when you returning towards at your home he will try to chewed up your shoes and try to bite you very hard and it will really painful to you. Expert say that intelligence of dogs depend upon you that how you trained and take care your dog but some says it depend upon the genes or breed of inheritance of dog.

Many people have question in their mind and they wanted to know about smart dog breeds so let’s discuss. Border collie are the dogs who is on number one ranked in list of smart dog breeds because they are so much work hard and they need some work to do if you give this dog any works so they became happy and some people use Border collie for herding and also for some sporting. They are quick fast and intelligent and easily to learn new tricks quickly, easily and love to learn everything they want. They also like to do work with you and help you out. They are good player and play games like fly ball and disc games with you.

The poodle dogs are on number two of smart dog breeds because they are brilliant, smart and intelligent too. They are also used as water dog, available in all sizes and are good hunter of birds. Poodle love to protect people around him and their weights are just 8lbs.

Another toughest and famous dog German shepherd is one of the most lovable breed of dog. These dogs can easily trained and can do anything which people feel difficulty to do they can easily and quickly done their job in a minute. These dogs are with police, militaries and rescue team to help them a lot and they can also trace crime.