French Bulldog

Breed: This breed is among Small Molossian Dogs. There are in the standard "French Bulldog" such ancestors as medieval Alans - Spanish Bulldogs, but they are missing at present. Indeed, in medieval Spain had several breeds of dogs with such exterior and they existed in the same period as the first English bulldogs. Initially, these dogs with "short head" were used to accompany the herds of cattle, later, as well as in England, they participated in the battles with the bulls.

French BulldogCertainly, in the exterior of the French bulldog there are many inherited features from the English bulldogs, especially in the structure of the body. According to the most common theory in deducing breed attended a small English bulldogs or toy bulldogs, breeding of which were carried away in England in the middle of the XIX century. In the same period in England began the industrial revolution, which led to mass migration of skilled workers on the continent, especially France. Along with them came to France and bulldogs. In the middle of the XIX century in England was set up quite a large group of "Toy Bulldog", who had the weight to 12 pounds (compared to 16 - 25 pounds for standard dogs), but very diverse in appearance, shape of the head, the structure of the ears. These dogs have not found adherents in England, but they were took by emigrants to France. They were so popular in France, that the London dealers have become specialized in their exports, and almost to the end of the 60-ies they had disappeared from England.

Next there was hybridization with a Burgos dogs brought from England. It is also possible hybridization with terriers and pugs, led by the creation of a new breed, in which the body reduced the English bulldog was combined with the head of Burgos dogs, and erect ears on the short bulldog face became one of the main features of breed.

Great contribution to the development of the breed handlers have the U.S., where breeding dogs imported from France began to engage seriously already in the eighties of the XIX century. So it was created the world's first dedicated club of French bulldogs, and in 1889 held its first Specialty Show in New York.

General Features: French bulldog is very well made dog. Sturdy, heavy bone and muscular body. Weight: 8-10 kg category and 10-13 kg (which is very much for the tiny dogs). The head is broad, square and massive. Between the ears, the skull almost flat, a sharp transition from forehead to muzzle. Broad, very short muzzle. The nose and lips must be black. On the face binding folds. The tail may be straight or with bends, set low and very short. At rest firmly pinned to the body. The coat is short and smooth, emphasizes the muscular physique French bulldog.

Temperament: The main purpose of a French bulldog temperament - decorative dog. Cheery and agile, he loves company, loves children, well that meets the guests, but in case of danger, ready to defend his master and his family. Very obedient. Can be aggressive to dogs and cats, but manageable.

Health problems: Because of the short hair french bulldogs are sensitive to cold. However, they can safely walk in the cold, giving more opportunities to move. You can also use special overalls. It should avoid drafts.With a balanced diet, they have no food allergies.