Healthiest Dog breeds

There are too many dog breeds that are available today. With the introduction of the designer dog breed the number have grown even faster. Too many custom made breeds are being made everyday. These breeds are made by combination of the two different breeds in search of a new breed that can have certain distinctive attributes and specialties.

The breeding of dogs have a great negative impact on the health of the dogs. Nowadays there isn’t any sort of healthiest dog breeds that can be recognized. Healthiest dog breeds are extinct due to the excessive and unnecessary breeding of the dogs. The unnecessary breeding of the dog have led to the bad health of these breeds. May be there are no healthiest dog breeds available now, but in past there were certain breeds that were termed as the healthiest breeds such as Labrador, Collie, German Shepherd etc. even now these breeds are considered as health dog breeds but not to the extent that they can be called off as the healthiest dog breed.

Apart form excessive breeding, there are many other factors that have led to the extinction of the healthiest dog breeds. These factors include food, environment, way of treatment and other factors. One thing that is for sure is that you no matter what breed of dog you are having, you got to take real good care of your dog’s health in order to maintain his/her health. There are many different dog foods that are available in the market which are real good and can prove to be crucial for the health of your dog. Now, if comparing different breeds of dogs then certainly there are some breeds that are much healthier than other and breeds that require certain degree of care and attention than other breeds. There are number of large breeds of dogs, which if taken proper care and interest can prove to be among the healthiest dog breeds.