10 best dog food

People who possess dog, it is very important for them to give them best and the perfect diet followed by exercises and regular walks, however most people don’t known what is the right food or what is the perfect food for their dog to keep their dog fit and fine, so that it would be with them for many years to come, therefore it’s a good idea that one should feed them with the right food that is needed for their perfect health.

Most people feed their dog with the day to day food that they consume in their houses, however they really don’t know whether it is right for them or not, as humans and animals have different digestive system therefore they need different type of food to keep them fit and fine, for this purpose its always a good idea to feed them with the right dog food from a reputable dog food making company.

So if you want very best for your dog then it’s a good idea to check out the 10 best dog foods over the internet, so that you can feed your dog with the dog food that he deserves!

If you are a budget oriented or good / expensive dog food doesn’t comes in your budget then you should go with Chicken soup for the dog lover’s soul, as it is the cheapest and the best dog food in the market and is rated as number 10. However Nutro, Canidae and Timberwolf Organics are ranked as 9th, 8th and 7th respectively and are suitable for the dogs that have sensitive stomach. Evanger’s, Dick Van patten’s Natural balance and Go! Natural is considered to be the dog foods with 100% natural ingredients and are ranked as 6th, 5th and 4th. Innova EVO and Nature’s Variety ranks 3rd and 2nd while Origen is leading on top! Origen is considered to be the most loved dog food as it contains up to 70% of the meat while fruits and vegetables in the rest remaining percentage which makes it the top favorite! These are all the 10 best dog food available in the market.