Our Facility

Ziggy's Haven is located north 2600 Hayes St. Inverness, FL 34453. We purchased this property in November of 2005 and moved here in February 2006. The property had 2 large pole barns with concrete floors and plenty of large trees making it an ideal place for parrots. We enclosed the front portion of the one barn for our handicapped parrots. The back portion is a 35' x 35' flight area for our larger un-adoptable parrots that choose to be parrots over companions.

The interior of the barn has all the main walls up and just needs texturing done to it. The lighting has been installed. The birds have 8' x 8' x 4' cages while we await the construction of the 6 individual rooms. There is a large play yard in the middle for plenty of activity during the day. Each cage houses a maximum of 4 birds depending on size, species and compatibility. The birds are let out daily for interaction and play time. Construction will begin on the outdoor flight aviaries soon.

We have completed the construction of our cockatiel flight, macaw flight and amazon flight as well as temporary enclosures for our vervets. As soon as funds are available we will be constructing a very large natural habitat for our monkeys to live out their lives in.

At this time we also have completed 3 day flights for our birds to be able to go outside daily and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. We hope to be adding adjoining flights to our building where the birds will be able to go in or out at will!

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our parrots or a habitat, please visit our Sponsorship Page for details.