Sports you can play with dog

Sports are good for individuals but if you play sports with your dog then it provides additional benefits. Here are some sports you can play with dog.

Dog, run• Cani Cross: This is very simple game with easy rules. You and your dog will cover a fixed distance as a friendly team. The handler and the dog are connected with an elastic cord attached to the handler's belt. In Cani Cross, care should be taken that neither the dog nor the handler are dragging each other while covering the distance.
• Agility: This is a race where the dog is trained to overcome difficulties and maintain the health of your pet. In this sport, the owner guides his/her pet with some commands or actions. The dogs race through an obstacle course with the commands given by their owners.
• Sled dog racing: Sled dog racing as a sport activity is only one century old. It started when Alaskans wanted to show the speed and skill of their dogs. However, this sport is generally limited to breeds, such as Alaskan and Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and hybrids of any of these breeds.
• Skijoring: This is a special sport played in the winter. The racer and the dog are held together by a special kind of towrope and they have to overcome a specified distance. For a dog to participate in this sport, it is important to provide thrust training. A modified version using a bike is played during the summer months.
• Frisbee: This is one of the oldest types of sport you can play with dog. The owner throws a circular disc, which the dog catches and retrieves it for the owner. The distance at which the disc is thrown could be up to fifty meters. The dog may sometimes show some real acrobatic stunts while catching the Frisbee.

Dog shows are very interesting as one can enjoy the various feats performed by the dogs. Also, one can get a glimpse of new breeds of dogs big or small. Dog shows are a good platform to enhance the skills of your dog.