Know your dog by dog signs horoscopes

Dogs have horoscopes too. Here is the behavioural pattern of dogs based on their sun sign.

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The first sign Aries, Aries dogs have motto "me first" and no regrets about it. Aries dog is active, quick-tempered, energetic, can perform endless exercises and requires longs walks many times a day. Next, Taurus dog is a strong, determined and silent dog. A Taurus dog loves pampering, is not exercise lover, stubborn soul and is possessive over things that he consider personal.

A Gemini dog is versatile, restless, enthusiastic and a dog that will bring chaos in your home. The cancer dog loves to play in water, timid, bony, most tenacious, most patient and needs constant patting. Next comes, the Leo dog which is a king dog. Leo dogs are confident, proud and fearless with graceful gait, slender legs, well-proportioned body and very charismatic in appearance.

The Virgo dog is very friendly with humans, strong and muscular, requires exercise and is a very clean and hygienic dog. The characteristics of Libra dog include impractical nature, well-nourished in appearance, believe in sharing and are well-balanced dog. The Scorpio dog has very expressive tail, handsome features, excellent breeder, love or hate with passion, and is a frightening dog to live up to.

Sagittarius dog is a restless one, cannot decide his interests, versatile, controlled, muscular and is a trustworthy creature. The Capricorn dog has a reserved kind of nature, diplomatic, stubborn and ignores when his owner call. The Aquarius dog is usually well-built dog, has stubborn streak and enjoys entertainment field. Last, the Pisces dog which is characterised by playful and active nature loves to play in water and is basically a good dog.