Dog Show

Every dog enthusiast wants to participate in the dog show with his dog. That's because he wants to prove to everyone that his dog is the best. And in order to do prove that, he needs to enter the competition in the dog show.

Dog showSometimes misinterpreted by the name, Dog Show is more of a competition than just a exhibition. In it, dogs of various breeds compete with other dogs of their own breed in order to show their skills and prove that they are the best. Each dog has to perform various tricks in groups of 10 or as per the rules of the particular dog show and the judges analyze each and every dog individually and assess them. The assessment is based on the factors like obedience, execution of skills and attitude towards the instructor i.e. whether the dog likes its instructor or not. Certain points are also kept for looks and built of the dog. The different feats that have to be performed by the dogs are running, standing in a particular position, following instructions to perform a specific task and other tricks which may or may not be required to perform as per the guidelines of the dog show. One mandatory requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the dog to take part in any dog show is that it should be registered to the approved canine club of the state or the country. Dog shows draw a large crowd of the dog enthusiasts so many owners bring their new born puppies to sell them to others.

Dog shows are very interesting as one can enjoy the various feats performed by the dogs. Also, one can get a glimpse of new breeds of dogs big or small. Dog shows are a good platform to enhance the skills of your dog.