The Siberian Cat Breed

The Siberian cat breed has been present for many years in Russia. This ancient breed of cat is the ancestor of many long-haired cat breed today. This cat have unique triple fur and a moderately long and muscular body. They are very flexible and can jump and gallop at high altitudes.

These cats make fun pets in that they are very dog-like. They are playful and affectionate and will come and greet people. These personable cats have a fascination with water and are friendly with dogs. The Siberian cat is very smart and energetic and talkative.

It is believed that the Siberian cat's coat is hypoallergenic, though there is little scientific evidence. Many believe that this breed produces much less of the primary allergen found on cats than average. Siberian cats have a thick coat that consists of guard hairs, awn hairs, and down which keep it protected from extreme weather. This coat does not mat easily and twice-weekly combing will suffice to keep the coat in good condition.

Siberians and other cat breeds are prone to health conditions and accidents at any time in their life. In particular, one health concern for the Siberian is cardiomyopathy. This is a condition in which the heart muscle has a dysfunction which results in an enlargement of the heart and a deficiency in pumping blood. Symptoms of this condition include fatigue, panting, and loss of appetite. To protect your pet and your finances from unforeseen medical costs, it may be beneficial to look into pet insurance for your Siberian cat. A pet insurance comparison and thorough research will reveal which policies and plans are most beneficial for your situation.

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