Some Facts About Dolphins

1. Dolphins are mammals, they nurse their young from mammary glands.

2. Dolphins can swim up to 260m above the surface of the ocean, though they are mostly shallow divers.

3. Dolphins may be up to fifteen minutes under water though they usually stay only some a few minutes diving.

4. Dolphins use a technique which called echolocation to find food.

5. Dolphins are social creatures that live in groups and cooperate with each other for activities like getting food and calf rising.

6. There are thirty-two species of ocean dolphins and five species of river dolphins.

7. The largest dolphin is called "killer whale" or Orca, which can grow to 6.1 meters.

8. The most known dolphin is the "bottlenose dolphin" which can grow to 2.5-2.8 meters.

9. Dolphins are warm-blooded and their internal temperature is around 36 degrees. To conserve this temperature they are surrounded by a thick layer of fat called "blubber" just below the skin.

10. Dolphins can make a unique signature whistle that may help individual dolphins recognize each other or perform any other kind of communication still unknown.

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