Dogs more intelligent then cats

Researchers of animal intelligence scientists argue that dogs are smarter than cats. These studies were made on the basis at Oxford University. They have analyzed the brain size of different groups of animals how they have evolved over the past 60 million years. The brains of monkeys grew the most over time, followed by horses, dolphins, camels and dogs.

Scientists claim that this proves that dogs are smarter than cats. Again, cat owners interpret the research result differently. So, if the dog brain grew larger over the past thousand years. This may make them slightly less stupid than before, but it still does not make them smarter than cats. Cats have always been smart enough.

If there's no need to develop a bigger brain, why bother? And brain size isn't everything. Dogs have a huge olfactory lobe on their brain, so they have a very sensitive sense of smell. How, precisely, does this contribute to their IQ?

Even when looking at brain sizes of modern animals, it's not obvious that dogs are ahead. The average person has a brain weighing 1.4kg, or 2.5 per cent of body weight.

The cat brain weighs about 30g, which is around 1 per cent of body weight, and although dogs have bigger brains, from 64g upwards, their bodies are also bigger, so the brain makes up a smaller percentage of body mass than cats.

Also does a more detailed analysis of the brain help the case for dogs. If the number of neurons in the cortex is analysed, humans have ten billion, cats have 300 million and dogs only have 160 million.

Dogs and cats are smart in different ways. Perhaps the folk who issue press releases on behalf of researchers are the ones who are lacking in intelligence.

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