Top Smartest Animals

Our land is full of miracles populated with wonderful creatures doing their own way and instincts to survive. Many of the animal abilities, skills and behaviors have been studied and adopted by people. Animals was are good companions to work together in daily ventures.


When the sheep are feel the threatened, they make large team and rub away together from predators. Also sheep can remembered and identify any animal faces. They even can remember the human face or their pastors.


Cats are trainable pets they can recognize many of the everyday things, like radio or television. Cats are pure and smart to get attention like following people, meow, rub near the ankle or sit on lap. Cats keen hearing ability can recognize footstep of the owners and strangers footstep.


Dogs are very teachable and sociable, dogs breed can understand different commands. Dogs are usually sensitive animals they feel jealousy and do not forget someone who have suffered in their life. Dogs can remember people and other animals which they met, even if they just heard on the radio or seen on television.


Elephants have the largest brains of all mammals that walked the earth. Research have shown that elephants have an average coefficient of encephalization quotient (EQ) of 1.88, compare to human's 7.69 and chimpanzee's 2.45. Elephants are the only animals on earth, which have a ritual death. Elephants have the ability to mimic sounds and few people words.


Dolphins are the most intelligent aquatic animals, they can recons themselves in the mirror. They are easy to train and capable to do different acrobatics. They use whistle sound to communicate which the best among the animal communication.