So you think you want to own a parrot. Prior to making this decision you should educate yourself on the different species to decide which species is right for you and your family. Not all parrots are for all people. Most African Greys do not care for children. Cockatoos need at least 6 hours a day of interaction with you. Conures are very noisy. Amazons prefer to be perch potatoes. Educating yourself prior to bringing a bird into your household will better ensure a forever home for the parrot.

Did you know:

Most parrots do not talk.

All parrots can and do bite.

Parrots can be jealous of family members and friends.

Parrots need plenty of interaction and out of cage time.

Parrots are loud.

Parrots are destructive.

The average vet bill for an annual avian exam is approximately $150.00.
(This does not include emergencies and/or nail trims.)

The average price for a wooden toy that won't last 30 days
(macaw/cockatoo) is $30.00.

That avocados are fatal to parrots.

That Teflon cookware is fatal to parrot.

Adoption Policies

The following policies are in place to ensure that the parrots in our care are adopted out to only
those that are serious about adopting a parrot and providing him/her with a forever home. We are
not in the business of giving "cheap" birds to anyone that wants one. We adopt out parrots to
those people that are able to provide the bird with a better home than he/she has here at Ziggy's
Haven. These polices are not meant to offend anyone. They are in place for the protection
of the parrots that trust their lives to us.

You must live within 125 miles of the Lake City, Florida area.
The entire family must be in agreement to the adoption of a parrot.
You must be willing to contribute your time to work with the bird you wish to adopt.
The bird must like you prior to the adoption. Bonding with a bird can take up to 6
months depending on YOU. The more time you spend with a bird, the faster the
bonding process.
Home visits will be conducted prior to and after the adoption.
The bird you wish to adopt MUST like you! We will not adopt you a bird with an obvious
dislike for you.
A bond must be formed prior to the adoption.
If for any reason at any time you cannot keep the bird, the parrot must be returned to
Ziggy's Haven.
You cannot sell, breed or give this bird to a third party.
An Adoption Donation (Fee) is requested to help cover the costs associated with the running
of our sanctuary and help cover the costs of vet bills. We are non-profit and we rely heavily
on public support!
Our goal is to provide a forever home for a parrot in need of placement. The birds at Ziggy's Haven are flighted and
are not caged full time. Most cage doors are kept open and the birds have their choice of staying in or out of the cage. We look for
homes for these birds where they will be allowed the freedoms of being out of the cage as much as possible. We prefer homes where at
least one person works from home or only works part time. We seek families who are serious about the responsibility of keeping a parrot
as a companion. Keeping a parrot is a serious responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Here are the most common reasons that people have surrendered their parrots:

We are having a baby.
The bird doesn't like my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids.
My husband/wife doesn't like the bird.
The bird bit somebody.
He/she screams all the time.
He she chewed up the table (wall, entertainment center etc)
We moved to an apartment/condo or smaller community.
Our allergies are too bad because of the bird.
He/she plucks his feathers and/or self mutilates.
It was my wifes/husbands bird and he/she passed away. The bird doesn't like me.

Are you expecting any significant life changes in the future? Are you prepared to make sacrifices and changes in your
life to accommodate a parrot? These are important questions to ask yourself prior to bringing a bird into your home. If
after you have considered all aspects of keeping a parrot and still think you can provide a good, loving and forever
home than fill out our Adoption Application and mail it along with a $25.00 donation payable to Ziggy's Haven. This donation is non
refundable and does not guarantee an adoption will take place. DO NOT fax or email your applications. Incomplete applications or
applications submitted without the donation will not be considered. All donations are used to provide for the birds in our care. Upon
receipt, your application will be reviewed by our board and you will be contacted for an appointment to visit our facility.

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